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Volume: Vol. 18, June, 2014
1The Undergraduates Perspective on Shariah Audit in Islamic Banks An Insight to the Future Shariah Auditor Labour Market in MalaysiaNor Aishah Mohd Ali, Zurina ShafiiDownload
2Assessing the Acceptance of UiTM Pahang Users towards the Implementation of Blended Learning ApproachAzniza Ahmad Zaini, Haslinda Noradzan, Fazlin Marini Hussain, Roger CandaDownload
3Investigating Students Satisfaction Level on Implicit Services of Malaysian Public Higher Education InstitutionsWan Nurashikin Mahmood, Mohd Ridhuan Mat Dangi, Khairul Anuar Mohd AliDownload
4Exploring Students Contentment Level of the Infrastructure at a Public Higher Education Institution in MalaysiaWan Nurashikin Mahmood, Mohamad Ridhuan Mat Dangi, Khairul Anuar Mohd AliDownload
5Statistics Anxiety among Diploma in Wood Technology Students at Universiti Teknologi MaraSuriyati Ujang, Aszila Asmat, Mohd Rizal Razak, Sharifah Norhuda Syed WahidDownload

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