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Volume: Vol. 15, June, 2011
1An Exploration of Information Seeking Models: Its Importance to Higher Learning InstitutionsDr Hjh Ramnah Haji Abd ThaniDownload
2A Qualitative Analysis On Methadone Maintenance Programme In The Malay Language NewspapersNoor Mayudia Mohd Mothar,Siti Hajar Abd Aziz,Shahril Anuar Abdul GhalimDownload
3The Effects of Language Learning Strategy LLS Training on ESL College Students Strategies UsedNor Ashikin Ab Manan,Ahmad Ashaari Alias,Johana Yusof,Ambigapathy PandianDownload
4Assessing the Effectiveness of Conventional Notice Board in Universities Information DeliveryRoslilee Ab.Halim,Faizan Abd Jabar,Siti Aishah Mohamad,Ilyani Azer,Norliwa Ab.HalimDownload
5The Relationship Between Lecturers Paralanguage and Students Satisfaction in Universiti Teknology MARA Kedah, MalaysiaRosliza Md Zaini,Sarah Sabir Ahmad,Farah Merican Isahak Merican,Intan Nazrenee AhmadDownload
6Issues on Accessibility and Equity in the Malaysian Higher Education: The Roles of Distance Education - An OverviewNorhayati Mohd Salleh, Fadilah YahyaDownload

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