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Volume: Vol. 13, December, 2009
1An Innovative Approach to Improve the Teaching and Learning in Computer Programming by Using the Web Tutorial ApplicationsMohd Norafizal Abd AzizDownload
2Error Treatment Revisited: Examining Learners and Instructors Preferences in Grammar ClassroomKamisah Hj AriffinDownload
3Exploring the Language of Traffic Signs in the Malaysian Linguistic Landscape: Its MeaningLim Chia Wei, Chan Swee Heng, Ain Nadzimah Abdullah, Shameen Rafik-GaleaDownload
4Latent Semantic Indexing versus Inverted Files Indexing Technique: An Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Retrieval MethodRoslan SadjirinDownload
5Re-engineering Conventional Voting System through ICT: Universitys PerspectivesKhairul Nizam Abd Halim, Razulaimi Razali, Muhd Eizan Shafiq Abd AzizDownload

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