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Volume: Vol. 12, June, 2008
1Exploring Leadership Issues in Papua New GuineaMurray PrideauxDownload
2Export Problems Among Small and Medium Scale Industries in Klang Valley A Preliminary FindingZahariah Md ZainDownload
3Offshoring of Software Development from Japan to ChinaNobuhiro TakahashiDownload
4The Long run Impact of Bilateral Real Exchange Rate Volatility on Malaysia s Bilateral Trade Balance with its Major Trading PartnersMazila Md YusufDownload
5The Significant Impact of Customer Relations Practices CRP Information Technology IT and Information Sharing between Supply Chain Partners IS on Product SalesArawati AgusDownload
6The Management of SMEs Human Capital from the Perspective of SECI Model: A Case Study in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status Companies in MalaysiaNorzanah Mat Nor, Anizah Zainuddin, Norlida KamaluddinDownload

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