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  Vol. 18 December 2014
Vol. 18 June 2014
Vol. 17 December 2013
Vol. 17 June 2013
Vol. 16 December 2012
Vol. 15 June 2011
Vol. 14 June 2010
Vol. 13 December 2009
Vol. 13 June 2009
Vol. 12 June 2008
Vol. 12 December 2008
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Vol. 11 June 2007
Vol. 10 June 2006
Vol. 10 December 2006
Vol. 9 June 2005
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Vol. 8 June 2004

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AcademiaOnline is the UiTM Press UiTM Pahang effort provides comprehensive workflow management systems for scholarly journals and conferences. Its Web-based applications enable publishers to manage the submission, production, and publication processes more efficiently, increasing their profile among authors, decreasing time-to-market for scientific data, and lowering publication costs. Today we are driving innovation by delivering authoritative content with cutting-edge technology, allowing our customers to find the answers they need quickly. We giving high commitment to help readers in providing world-class information that assist them to make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.


AcademiaOnline was founded in 2011 when UiTM Press Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang decided to evolve the publication as the nature of academic publication changed globally. It started with an idea to develop a system that can assist on online publication and then developed by IT expertise’s to realizing it. The team is passionate about publishing trusted, cutting-edge information by pushing frontiers and fuelling continuous cycles of innovation, exploration, discovery and progress.

AcademiaOnline is committed to making genuine contributions to the communities by providing:
  • World Class Information
  • Global Dissemination
  • Innovative System
  • Life learning
AcademiaOnline Team
  • Mohd Amli Abdullah (concept and ideas)
  • Muhd Eizan Shafiq Abd Aziz (programmer)
  • Mohd Izuan Ibrahim (system network)
  • Mohd Ikhsan Md Raus (administration)
  • Nawal Abdul Razak (administration)

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