Competition Rules

  1. Each team participating in this contest must sign a RELEASE FORM, which allow the Organizing Committee and Secretariat of ITEC2013 use the results of the final product and other information for publicity and advertising purposes. Release form can be downloaded here.

  2. The final product of the competition will become the property of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

  3. ITEC2013 Multimedia competition theme:

    • IPTA/IPTS & School Category: "Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship"
    • UiTM Staff: General

  4. Show time is about 1 to 3 minutes only.

  5. Overview theme "Innovation and Technological and Entrepreneurship" is shown below:
    Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship is an exposure to the students in creating products and services based computing and multimedia knowledge to be applied in the world of entrepreneurship. This theme train and produce innovative students and also be able to apply the field of computing and multimedia as a basis to generate income and choose to make a career in entrepreneurship for quality, excellence and success.

  6. Multimedia projects can be developed in Malay or English.

  7. The final product of multimedia project should be a Montage, Video or Multimedia Presentation.

  8. Each team is given the freedom to use their material to complement Montage, Video or Multimedia Presentation.

  9. Each team must complete their multimedia products before the competition date.

  10. Each team must prepare a poster / bunting A1 size that contains information about their projects.

  11. Each team is required to bring their own poster / bunting 'Stand' because the organizer did not provide the equipment.

  12. COMPLETED Montage, Video or Multimedia Presentation must be presented on the day of the competition using their own personal computers.

  13. Each team must submit a CD containing the final product in the form of executable files (example: .exe, .avi, .mpeg) with original multimedia elements that were used.

  14. Each project result must use the 'standalone' method where the results of the product should be stored in the form of executable files (example: .exe, .avi, .mpeg) for presentation purposes.

  15. A binded A3 size 'Storyboard' should be submitted to the secretariat during registration. Storyboard examples can be found on here.

  16. Results of the project MUST NOT contain sensitive issues or controversies in terms of culture, politics and religion of the Malaysian society.

  17. The Five (5) best multimedia products for the IPTA/IPTS category must be represented once again on the second day for the jury to determine the place of the First, Second and Third. For Secondary Schools category and UiTM staff, judging only occur during the presentation session. Please refer to the tentative program.

  18. Organizing Committee and Secretariat of ITEC2013 have the right to amend any of the conditions of competition without prior notice.


  1. The jury’s responsibility is to evaluate each multimedia presentation from each team and determine the winners.

  2. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  3. The judges' decision is final. Any appeal / claim will not be entertained.